ABM Messaging & Multichannel Strategy for SDRs

A guide on effective ABM Messaging and strategizing for multichannel sales campaigns.

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Account-based marketing (ABM) is a strategic approach that involves creating tailored marketing efforts for specific high-value accounts. As a Sales Development Representative (SDR), having a multichannel strategy in place is crucial to maximize your reach and improve the chances of success. This guide will cover ABM messaging and multichannel strategies, focusing on LinkedIn, email, and other potential channels.

ABM messaging and multichannel strategies

  1. Account Selection and Research
  2. Develop your messaging strategy
  3. LinkedIn Strategy
  4. Email Strategy
  5. Additional Channels
  6. Measurement and Optimization

Account Selection and Research:

Identify high-value accounts based on criteria

As a sales professional, you know that identifying high-value accounts is the key to success. But how do you determine which companies are worth your time and effort? The answer lies in conducting thorough research based on specific criteria.

  • Industry: Look for businesses that operate in sectors where your product or service is in high demand.
  • Company Size: Focus on companies that are the right size for your organization to handle effectively.
  • Revenue: Choose accounts with the financial capacity to invest in your product or service.
  • Growth Potential: Target companies that have shown steady growth over time, indicating a willingness to invest in their future.

ABM Messaging & Multichannel Strategy for SDRs, Account Selection and Research:

Conduct Research

Once you have identified your high-value accounts, it's time to conduct thorough research on each. This step is essential to understanding each performance's unique needs and pain points and identifying the decision-makers who hold power to sign off on a deal.

By focusing on the individual needs of each account, you will be able to create a tailored approach that resonates with their specific pain points. This targeted approach will streamline your messaging and increase your chances of closing the deal.

Create an account profile

Creating a detailed account profile is the final step in streamlining your messaging and approach. By documenting your research, you'll clearly understand each account's needs and decision-makers, allowing you to create a customized strategy that speaks directly to their needs.

Save your time on accounts that are worth the effort. Following these steps will revolutionize your sales strategy, increase your chances of closing the deal, and achieve unprecedented success.

Develop Your Messaging Strategy:

Do you want to win over your accounts but feel you need to improve? It's time to develop a messaging strategy that hits the bullseye!

Craft a Compelling Value Proposition

You must show your accounts that you understand their unique needs and pain points. By crafting a value proposition that speaks to them directly, you'll be able to capture their attention and show them that you're the one who can solve their problems.

Personalize Your Messaging

To truly resonate with decision-makers, you need to personalize your messaging. When you take the time to understand their motivations and concerns, you'll be able to craft a message that speaks to them personally.

Tailor Your Messaging to Each Account

Don't just copy and paste your messaging to every account. Use the account profile and research to tailor your messaging to each account's specific situation. Doing so will show them that you've done your homework and that you're invested in their success.

Developing a messaging strategy may seem daunting, but it's worthwhile. By connecting with your accounts on a personal level, you'll be able to win them over and create lasting relationships. 

ABM Messaging & Multichannel Strategy for SDRs, Develop Your Messaging Strategy, Craft a compelling value proposition, personalize your messaging, tailor your messaging

LinkedIn Strategy:

LinkedIn is the perfect social platform to showcase your professional brand and connect with decision-makers. Here are some proven techniques you can apply to revolutionize your LinkedIn strategy and take your career to the next level.

Optimize Your Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is your virtual first impression. Make sure it accurately reflects your professional experience and value proposition. Showcase your skills, accomplishments, and education to stand out.

Connect with Decision-Makers

Building meaningful relationships with decision-makers in your target accounts is vital to success on LinkedIn. Send personalized connection requests to show that you understand their needs and are committed to adding value.

Engage with Content

Engage with your connections by liking, commenting, and sharing their content. Not only does this show your support, but it also helps to build rapport and establish yourself as a knowledgeable industry leader.

Personalize Your InMail Messages

When reaching out to decision-makers, take the time to craft personalized InMail messages that are tailored to their specific needs and interests. This shows you are serious about building relationships and understanding their unique challenges.

Check out our LinkedIn Messaging Template from the Lunas Library Now!

LinkedIn Messaging Templates for Sales Outreach

Leverage Sales Navigator

To find additional contacts within your target accounts, use LinkedIn Sales Navigator. This powerful tool allows you to filter your search criteria and identify key decision-makers within your industry.

Email Strategy:

Refrain from relying on outdated methods. Revolutionize your email strategy and make a lasting impression on your target audience with this email strategy.

Personalize and Automate

Don't rely solely on automation for your email campaigns. Use a combination of personalized and automated emails to keep your audience engaged and interested.

Compelling Subject Lines

A catchy subject line can make all the difference in whether or not your email gets opened. Get creative and craft subject lines that make your audience want to click.

Personalize the Body

Once you have your audience's attention, keep it by personalizing the body of your email with relevant insights, case studies, and content tailored to their interests.

Follow Up with Tailored Emails

Keep unresponsive leads from slipping through the cracks. Follow up with tailored and contextual emails to keep them engaged.

Track and Optimize

Use email tracking tools to monitor engagement and optimize your outreach strategy for maximum impact.

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Additional Channels:

It's time to switch up your approach and utilize these additional channels to establish a more personal connection and engage with decision-makers. By using these extra channels, you'll be able to break through the noise and connect with your target accounts in a more meaningful way.

ABM Messaging & Multichannel Strategy for SDRs, Additional Channels

Phone Calls

Remember to underestimate the power of a good old-fashioned phone call. Follow up on LinkedIn and email engagements by calling your target accounts. This will help you establish a more personal connection and increase your chances of closing a deal.

Social Media:

Twitter and Facebook aren't just for scrolling through cute pet videos. Leverage these platforms to engage with your target accounts and decision-makers. Share industry news, start conversations, and show your personality to stand out.

Direct Mail:

In a world of digital overload, a well-crafted direct mail campaign can significantly impact. Consider sending personalized messages and creative packaging to grab the attention of high-value accounts. Your package might sit on their desk for weeks, reminding them of your brand.

Events and Networking

Nothing beats meeting your target accounts in person. Attend webinars, events, and networking opportunities to establish face-to-face connections. You'll have the chance to showcase your expertise, build relationships, and ultimately close more deals.

Measurement and Optimization:

ABM Messaging & Multichannel Strategy for SDRs, Measurement and Optimization, track your metrics, analyze and improve, optimize your outreach

Many organizations need help to connect with their target audience, but there's good news: you can turn things around with the right approach. It starts with measuring, analyzing, and optimizing your outreach efforts for maximum impact. With the proper process, you can connect with your target audience like never before.

Track Your Key Metrics

It all starts with data. By monitoring response, engagement, and conversion rates, you can clearly understand what's working and what's not. Think of it like a fitness tracker for your outreach efforts.

Analyze and Improve

Once you have the data, it's time to put it to work. Analyzing trends and identify areas for improvement in your messaging and channel strategies, so you can fine-tune your approach for maximum impact. Your target audience responds better to visuals than text or prefers a more personal touch. Whatever the case, data-driven insights can help you make informed decisions.

Optimize Your Outreach

Finally, it's time to put your insights into action. Adjusting and optimizing your outreach strategy based on what you've learned can take your impact to the next level. The possibilities are endless, whether that means tweaking your messaging, experimenting with new channels, or simply doubling down on what's working.

Our Recommended ABM Tools


6sense focuses on account-based marketing (ABM), which is a strategic approach to B2B marketing that targets high-value accounts with personalized messaging and content. 6sense's platform uses predictive intelligence to help companies identify and prioritize accounts that are most likely to buy, and then delivers personalized content and messaging to those accounts across multiple channels.

ABM Messaging & Multichannel Strategy for SDRs, Lunas Recommended ABM Tools, 6Sense


Marketo Engage is a marketing automation platform that provides account-based management solutions to businesses allowing them to align their sales and marketing teams, prioritize their efforts on high-value accounts, and optimize their strategies for better results. It also provides real-time analytics to track performance and ROI, allowing businesses to make data-driven decisions. 

ABM Messaging & Multichannel Strategy for SDRs, Lunas Recommended ABM Tools, Marketo Engage


Triblio is a B2B account-based marketing (ABM) platform that provides marketers with tools and features to identify and engage with high-value accounts. Triblio's platform also includes sales enablement tools, account-level insights, and real-time reporting and analytics for measuring and optimizing ABM campaigns. Triblio aims to help businesses build stronger relationships with their target accounts, increase engagement, and drive revenue growth.

ABM Messaging & Multichannel Strategy for SDRs, Lunas Recommended ABM Tools, Triblio


Terminus is a B2B account-based marketing (ABM) platform that enables sales and marketing teams to identify and engage high-value accounts. Terminus offers a range of features and tools for account identification, targeting, sales enablement, and measurement and optimization. Terminus aims to help businesses build stronger relationships with their target accounts, increase engagement, and drive revenue growth through a more personalized and targeted approach to marketing and sales.

 ABM Messaging & Multichannel Strategy for SDRs, Lunas Recommended ABM Tools, Terminus


RollWorks is a B2B account-based marketing platform that help businesses identify and engage high-value accounts. The platform provides personalized campaigns across multiple channels, including email, social media, display advertising, and website personalization. It offers a range of features and tools for account identification, targeting, sales enablement, and measurement and optimization, providing real-time reporting and analytics for tracking the effectiveness of ABM campaigns.

ABM Messaging & Multichannel Strategy for SDRs, Lunas Recommended ABM Tools, Rollworks


By executing a tailored ABM messaging and multichannel strategy that incorporates LinkedIn, email, and other channels, SDRs can significantly increase their chances of success. Consistently engage with your target accounts, measure your results, and optimize your strategy to drive results and build meaningful relationships.

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