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Lunas is your team of experienced sales leaders, delivering comprehensive outbound lead generation services, sales training and consulting.

Our fully managed service helps you scale your business and puts you on the path towards sustainable growth.

Results you can track through your own custom analytics dashboard

Take the Guesswork Out of Sales Growth

Experience the future of lead generation with Lunas, your trusted and award-winning sales partner. Our experts have mastered the art of combining decades of experience with cutting-edge technology to fuel your sustainable revenue growth.


Your Partner in Sales

When you partner with Lunas, we’ll work side-by-side to build a solid foundation for your sales pipeline that scales right along with your company.

Sustainable Revenue Growth

Learn how to achieve consistent long-term revenue growth as we execute your B2B lead generation strategy and train your internal team to adopt our proven processes.

Data-Driven Decisions

Making data driven decisions and recommendations is at the center of
our approach. We increase meeting conversions through A/B testing and comprehensive data tracking and analysis to identify exactly what works best for your specific industry and customer personas.

Transparent Relationship

Lunas is an extension of your team. Our success is your success, and we take that responsibility seriously. We take the time to get to know your business, communicate daily in Slack with our partners, and have weekly success meetings to ensure consistent communication, alignment and transparency.


Everything You Need To Succeed

Outbound Lead Generation

We'll provide you with a dedicated team 
of trained SDRs to generate a steady stream of opportunities.

Intent-based leads
Personalized outreach
Appointment setting
Customized analytics dashboard

Sales and Growth Consulting

We have experts in every field of business that will teach you how to scale your startup the right way.

Product market research
Sales process guidance
Revenue growth plan
Sales playbook

Sales Training

Enroll your team in comprehensive SaaS sales bootcamps to ensure they're executing the most effective strategies to date.

Novice to expert training
Steps to the sales process
Live, virtual coaching
Introduction to lead generation

Ace Your Revenue Growth Predictions

With our outsourced lead gen experts, specialized startup consultants, and sales team mentors, we'll guide you through the proven processes that have helped startups worldwide achieve accurately-predicted revenue growth.

Learn more about how Lunas can help.
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Set Your Goals

We'll have a quick chat to learn more about your startup and what you want to achieve in your market space.

Assess Your Needs

Next, we'll dive into the data to determine the steps we can take to meet your goals.

Plan Your Success

Finally, our team will develop a personalized lead generation strategy based on your startup’s desired outcome.


What Sets Us Apart

After 10 years of scaling companies worldwide, we found that startups need better than just an outsourced sales agency implementing old school sales tactics.

Instead, startups need a partner ready to guide them throughout the development, execution, and testing phases of the sales process with a customized strategy. So we created a different type of outsourced sales.

  • Lunas Consulting
    General Features 
& Differences
  • Account to SDR Ratio
    1:1 to 2:1
  • SDR Bandwidth
    30-40 hours/week
  • Consulting Included
  • Premium Lead Gen Tools
  • Customized Sales Playbook
  • Data Analysis Team
  • Expert Sales Copywriter
  • Custom Analytics Dashboard
  • Typical SDR Shop
    General Features 
& Differences
  • Account to SDR Ratio
    6:1 to 10:1
  • SDR Bandwidth
    5-10 hours/week
  • Consulting Included
  • Premium Lead Gen Tools
  • Customized Sales Playbook
  • Data Analysis Team
  • Expert Sales Copywriter
  • Custom Analytics Dashboard
General Features 
& Differences
Lunas Consulting
Typical SDR Shop
Account to SDR Ratio
1:1 to 2:1
6:1 to 10:1
SDR Bandwidth
30-40 hours/week
5-10 hours/week
Consulting Included
Premium Lead Gen Tools
Customized Sales Playbook
Data Analysis Team
Expert Sales Copywriter
Custom Analytics Dashboard

Why Startups Love Lunas

I've worked with many SDRs and sales consultants, and Lunas is by far the best. Lunas delivers more than twice 
as many meetings per week as the best agencies.
They are true professionals and are passionate about helping businesses grow. They are constantly innovating and are courageous to try new ideas and learn quickly. They use data-driven insights and are a true business partner.
SCOTT R., Founder
Really easy to work with - open book with all the materials they are developing and testing for us 
(a true 'partner' for our business); open to trying out new messages and approaches, always looking for improvements and innovations.
Lunas has been incredibly responsive to our needs and keep an open dialogue as we learn together. They are both interested in creating a consistent sales mechanism and in bringing creativity to the process 
to improve.

Proudly Female-Founded

According to Statista, about 80% of Startups are founded by males. Here at Lunas, we’re proud to be part of the 20%. We take pride in the fact that we’re one of the first female-founded lead generation agencies.

Image of Robyn Orsini, Founder & CEO of Lunas

Robyn Orsini, CEO

Robyn Orsini founded Lunas Consulting to exclusively serve startups ready to change the world with their solutions but struggling to generate the revenue needed to meet the company’s full potential.
After her introduction into business development over 10 years ago, Robyn discovered a passion for helping startups succeed while working for a non-profit organization dedicated to fueling an ecosystem of entrepreneurs through community support and innovation. Robyn believes startup leaders deserve a partner who will invest the time to develop and execute winning, go-to-market strategies as well as educate team members on modern sales processes.That’s why Robyn takes a transparent approach to every partnership ––meaning no secrets and no fake promises. Robyn’s mission is to ensure that every startup collaborating with Lunas receives the guidance and training needed to achieve long-term sales success and revenue growth.

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