Ready, Set, Grow!

We know how difficult it is to grow your business alone, so we’ll accompany
you every step of the way.

Skip The Trial-and-Error

Mistakes are inevitable, after all, we’re only human. Fortunately, our own experiences have helped us create a survival guide to the common errors to avoid that businesses usually encounter in their first years.

Sales & Marketing Bootcamp

From landing your first customer, your ultimate lead generation playbook, down to setting up your customer success, we’ve made 
the ultimate know-how to sales & revenue strategies with 8 in-depth courses guaranteed to launch you into growing your business.

Outbound Lead Generation Crash Course

We’ve skipped through the unnecessary details and long-winding articles to deliver everything you need to know about Outbound Lead Generation. Our promise is to give you all the know how’s and introductions in the simplest form.

Your Startup Handbook

From getting to know your buyer up to closing the deal, we’ll guide you through, step-by-step, with detailed explanations of what to expect in landing your first customers to scale.

What You’ll get

Our Sales Engagement Packages

By now, you already know that we don’t do empty promises around here. We want you to know exactly what you’ll be getting on your road to startup success.

Outbound Lead Generation

We’ll help you generate your B2B sales strategy, and your outbound lead generation engine. Learn to drive qualified meetings and fill your sales pipeline so you can achieve predictable scalable revenue.

Strategy & Process

Get to know your market through customer personas and segments, touch base with your goals through funnel math exercises and more, and develop your outreach strategy with account-based and volume-based outreach strategies as a baseline.

Exec Sales Strategy & Coaching

We will work with your leadership team to diagnose problems and improve your existing sales strategy through market segmentation, sales channels, and more, as well as forecasting, and process, to help you create predictable revenue and optimize pipeline growth.

Sales Enablement

Review existing Sales Enablement Materials and provide improvements to create a sense of urgency, improve close ratio, reduce sales cycle, and enable your sales team to succeed.Sales Enablement Materials
Everything you need from your case studies, competitor comparisons, sales playbook, to the cost of doing nothing calculators to serve as your guide to success.

Sales Pitching

Stand out against your competitors by perfecting your sales materials as you build and finesse your sales pitch skills through creating tailored scripts and refining your objection handling abilities.

Continuous Refinement

Even with the most tedious and repetitive revisions, our guarantee is to help you end up with top-quality pitches, materials, and objection handling skills.

Real-time Feedback

From week one down to your finalized deck, we will provide you with analyzed and personalized feedback to guide the craft of your ultimate sales pitch

2-Day Sales Workshop

Value Proposition Exercises, Competitor Analysis, Outbound Lead Generation List Building, Funnel Math, we’ll cover it all, giving you the most important components without all of the unnecessary introductions – straight to the point in a 2-day workshop. It’s all you’ll need.


Our Sales Training Testimonials

The advice you shared was definitely a bright spot in a terrible year. Ollie [our CEO] still says it's like we took an MBA.
Thivaher Paramsothy, VP of Growth
Adracare (acquired by Well Health)
Lunas equipped me with everything I needed to feel confident in scaling my sales org. From the bootcamp to the templates to the step-by-step guides, everything was digestible and actionable. I couldn’t recommend their content enough!
Allison Hendricks, Founder & CEO
Darzin Software
I am nothing short of impressed by this bootcamp. Having spent the past 15 years in sales around the world, this has been without doubt the most comprehensive and insightful SaaS training I have participated in.
Jack Curtis, Chief Commercial Officer