Basic of Cold Emailing

From subject lines to your language and tone, find out what basics go into constructing the perfect cold email!

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Cold Email Templates

Taking all the time in the world to develop the perfect value proposition and a fool-proof sales strategy can be a dead end before the first pitch if your prospect ignores your email. From your subject line down to your language and tone, these are all key determinants of what will get you closer to reeling in a lead.

Language and Tone

If you want to increase the response rate for your emails, it's important to change your tone and language. Instead 
of using professional sales prospecting questions, try using "unsure phrasing". For example, say "curious if that resonates" instead of "does that fit with what you are looking for."

Finally, ditch any tired old insincere phrases like "I hope this email finds you well," or ones that scream "sales" like "want to pick your brain." The goal is to put people at ease and foster a personal connection.

Subject Line

Subject lines are one of the most important pieces of content in sales prospecting email templates. Like subject lines, email frameworks can lose their effectiveness if overused, but when you know the basics of an effective email, you can switch out elements to keep it fresh. Will Allred, co-founder of Lavender Observation, recommends the following email framework:

  1. Introduce yourself and your company.
  2. Describe the problem your prospect is facing.
  3. Suggest a solution.
  4. Ask for permission to follow up.
  5. Thank the prospect for their time.
  6. Close with a final message.

When creating an email, keep these tips in mind: stick to one focal point; be brief but compelling; use active and passive verbs; end every sentence on a strong verb; and be respectful. By following this simple framework, you’ll create emails that stand out and appeal to your prospects.

Personalization and Relevance

Personalized emails add a ton of value to your message. With the large volume of emails your prospects get every day, many sales emails end up getting lost in their inboxes, along with all the other generic email blasts. Taking the time to compose a well-thought-of email to capture the attention of your prospect not only builds rapport but also ensures a higher reply rate than what you'd get with spamming the same unedited email over and over.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to crafting the perfect cold email, but taking even just a few extra minutes to tweak your message will do wonders for your response rate. When you make sure that your prospect feels they received a well-crafted email, you make sure that the time you spent perfecting your sales strategy doesn't go to waste.

Luckily, we've compiled the best first emails to send templates that will help you glide through getting that first response from your prospect. Scroll down below to download all the templates!

The Best First Emails to Send in Sales Templates

1. Pain Point Template (Hunter)

Use this template when you’re pitching your product or service that can aid your prospect in a directly but not intrusively.

Subject line: Can I help with [[pain point]]?

Body: Hi {{first_name}}, I want to reach out and ask how everything is going at {{company}}? How is your current {{current solution}} working out for you? We’ve recently added some new features to our software that I believe would be really helpful for [[prospect's pain point]]. If you would be interested in a quick chat or demo this week, please let me know or if there are any other ways we can help {{company}}. Best,

2. Solution for Client Challenge Template (Hunter)

Use this template when you want to highlight the problem that your product/ service solves; this allows your prospect to relate to you by being direct and assertive.

Subject line: Solution for [[challenge]]

Body: Hi {{first_name}},In working with other [[industry or position]], one of the key issues they’re struggling with is [[key issue]]. This past year we helped numerous companies to [[business driver]], resulting in [[money saved, revenue added, productivity increases]]. If this is something you’re challenged with too, let’s set up a quick call. I have some ideas that might help.All the best, [[your name]]

3. Quick Chat About Company Template (Lemlist)

Use this template if you’re looking to sell talent sources via email.

Subject line: Quick chat about {{companyName}}?

Body: Hey there, {{First Name}}, Don't have the staff to fill all of the available slots?I’m not here to waste your time {{firstName}}, so I’ll get straight to it and tell you why I’m interrupting your day.My name is [your name] and I co-founded [your company] -- [your company specialization].So {{firstName}}, if this is something that interests you, are we able to schedule a quick 20-minute call this week? I would love to discuss the strategy we’re using to bring qualified candidates and find a way to work together.If your answer is YES then I’ll forward my calendar link to you. If your answer is No then I’ll stop emailing you immediately.

4. Client Company as a Good Fit Template (Klently)

Subject line: {{First Name}}+{{Your company}} will be a good fit

Body: Hi {{FirstName}},I hope this note finds you well.I’ve been working for a company called {{my company}} that specializes in X, Y and Z. In thinking about your role at {{company}}, I thought there might be a good fit for your group.Our {{product name}} has garnered a lot of attention in the marketplace and I think it’s something that your organization might see immediate value in.Can you help me get in contact with the right decision-maker?

5. Answer to Client Problem Template (Saleshady)

Use this template when you want to highlight the problem that your product/ service solves in a fun and light manner to make your email more approachable rather than intimidating.

Subject line: {First Name}, We have the answer to your problem!

Body: Hey there {First Name},Do you feel like you could use a break right about now? As a business professional myself, I can totally resonate with you. Our [email tracking tool has helped many entrepreneurs] like yourself save a lot of time and stay on top of things! I myself have saved around 5 hours per week by setting up email campaigns with automated personalized follow-ups.Do you want to save time as well? If you do, then we can set up a demo call.Regards, {Your Name}

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